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We're singing a different song now. The ultimate test in navigation is to do it in the dark. On the last workshop up Fleetwith the cloud engulfed the summits and we walked on a bearing 10m at a time!

This workshop simulates a white out, a blizzard, bad cloud. You might think it's ok when you're on a ridge, you only have two ways to go. This may be the case sometimes but you'll never know until you get there, then it's too late. If you're 'Walking The Wainwrights' or wandering in the Peak District you will do we'll to not eventually find yourself in a situation where you can't see more than 50 meters.

On this workshop day you will learn and practice all about:


  • Measuring distance - pacing & timing

  • Grid references

  • Open access and 'where you're allowed'

  • Taking and walking on a bearing

  • Triangulation and finding your location

  • Aiming off, using attack points and catching features

  • Contouring and understanding contour lines

  • Naithsmith's Rule

  • Using the sun, moon and stars to aid navigation

If you haven't walked in the dark before it may be a little scary at first but you're in good company. We'll have good fun, excitement and a bit of adventure but more importantly you'll get back to the car thinking that navigating during the day will now be much easier.


Additional group members £100 pp




Grade - Mentally Tough

Ascent - 300m (1000ft) ish

Distance - 7km (4 miles) ish

Time - 4-5 hours

Night Navigation Workshop

Number in group

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