Get me all to yourself! YOU choose the date.


Preferably a weekday, to make sure the cave is vacant.


Experience the freedom and adventure of camping in a cave in the beautiful Lake District. It's an absolutely amazing experience sleeping on rocks and light streaming in the next morning through a hole dug hundreds of years ago.


Not only will you be taken out into the wild, cook your supper and get a comfortable night's sleep, I'll prep you first in all the training you need to do so. I have kit you can use but you will be taught which kit you'll need. The only kit you will need is a sleeping bag and a ruck sack.


You will be provided with supper but you'll be cooking it! I'll also provide breakfast for you to prepare and snacks. We won't be taking water with us, that we will find and treat in the wild.


Bring another person and only pay an extra £60!




Grade - Mentally Challenging

Ascent - 600m (2000ft) ish

Distance - 7km (4 miles) ish

Time - 16 hours



Cave - Wild Camping Experience

Number in group

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