Scared of the dark? You don't want to be if you're coming out for a walk into the mountains in the dead of night.


It's an experience this. We'll set off in the daylight and walk into the night. If we're lucky we'll catch a sunset. In some places you can't see one light, well except the millions of stars above on a clear night. If you've been on the Night Photography Workshop you might want to use this as an opportunity to get the camera out.


I've spent years wandering the Lakeland Fells and know some pretty awsome routes. I know where to go, where the best views are, when to get the hell out of Dodge, I can take walking into the night with confidence, quite an exciting experience!


Remember, I have a NNAS Gold Award in navigation (which means you'll never get lost while you're with me) and I have First Aid Award in Rescue & Emergency Care.


You get me all to yourself and you pick the day!


Additional group members £50 pp

Private Guided Night Walk

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