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After learning how to navigate, take bearings and use them you need to put it all into practice by planning a good route linking a group of Wainwrights together. This can be very easy on a ridge walk like the Kentmere Horseshoe, hope you enjoy that one, but we won't be doing it the easy way.

I'll get you to link up some fells that you won't find in Alfred or Stuart's books. We'll have some fun and maybe a little frustration but you'll learn about:


  • Contours and how they determine your walking line

  • Link summits along ridges​

  • Find the best route into a valley

  • Find the best route up onto a ridge

  • Walking without water using water sources

  • Get outs - finding the safest and quickest way out of danger

We'll also bag a few Wainwrights!




Grade - Mangeable

Ascent - 600m (2000ft) ish

Distance - 10km (6 miles) ish

Time - Full day

Private Route Planning Workshop

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