Come and hang out with me in the woods.


Not only will you come sleep in a hammock in the forest and wake up to the sound of cuckoo, owl and maybe a woodpecker, you'll spend the evening around a camp fire cooking your supper. This is all after two weeks of my online wild camping course! You'll be an expert before you get to the forest.


All gear can be lent to you for the duration (except your sleeping bag) but if you have a tarp or hammock I'll teach you how to use it all.


Learn half a dozen knots that will get you through a camp in the woods, how to sleep in a hammock comfortably, fire lighting, water purification (we'll be getting that from the river), keeping warm, kit, hypothermia, camp fire cooking, the list goes on...


You'll learn how to:


  • Pitch a tarp and a hammock
  • Sleep warm
  • Purify water
  • Build a camp fire
  • Cook on a camp fire


Don't underestimate the amount you will learn in such a short amount of time and...


Oh yeh, we'll have loads of fun as well!






Vegetarian supper is included, coffee, tea, full English breakfast.


Bring a friend for only £60


All equipment is included (although YOU will be carrying it) except your sleeping bag and a big ruck sack to carry it in.

Hammock - Wild Camping Experience

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